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To make the game of hockey more diverse, inclusive, and accessible to all children across Canada.

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How We Work

Every penny counts. We're an open book. This is how we plan to use contributions made to HockEquality.


Grassroot Programs in the Community


Fund Scholarships for Families In Need


Sponsor Community Teams


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The Challenge

There's no denying the lack of diversity and inclusion in hockey. We have some hard truths we need to accept before we can begin to understand the challenge we face.

At the highest level, only 42 Black, Indigenous, players of colour (BIPOC) are listed on NHL rosters. That equates to a mere 5.7% of its players.

According to surveys, over 7 million Canadians identify as people of colour and over 4 million people belong to the LGBTQIA2S+ community. Of the four major North American sports, NHL is the only one that has not had an openly gay player to date. These numbers are, unfortunately, not representative of the hockey community. We aim to change that!

In Canada, we have seen girls and women's hockey growing in leaps and bounds. While still, only approximately 14% of all hockey players in Canada are female. Professional women's leagues, such as the NWHL, are underrepresented in the media and struggle to make a livable wage.

With all this being said the biggest hurdle we face is overcoming the extensive cost of hockey even at its grassroots level. With registration, equipment, and ice costs at an all time high, HockEquality's main goal is to lower the bar for everyone.

Now more than ever, organizations are working to create sustainable change in the hockey community. We plan to help that movement and work together to chip away at making hockey a game for everyone. Through our efforts we hope to bridge these gaps and see equality in the sport we love.

How to Get Involved

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."

– Helen Keller
How to Get Involved

Equality in hockey doesn't begin with one person. Behind our work, there are people who give, volunteer and act in their community to make hockey an inclusive sport for all.


Your support will create sustainable and lasting impact on the hockey community.


We welcome all the help we can get! If you're interested in volunteering please contact us to get started!


Are you doing something in your community to promote diversity and inclusion for all? Let us know so we can share your story and help support your activities.

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The support of donors makes it possible for HockEquality to achieve our mission of making hockey more diverse, inclusive, and accessible to all children in Canada. Together, we will break down the invisible barriers and make our national sport great for all.